“DIY maker movements”: Check out the new RWJF podcast! 

“My dad is a maker. No, he doesn’t go to Maker Fairs, or subscribe to Make Magazine, he doesn’t own a 3D printer, he’s not a handy man (…) He’s a maker because when he sees a problem he doesn’t stop working until he solves it himself.”
– ​Lori Melichar, ​

RWJF, Pioneering ideas episode 4

In their new Pioneering ideas podcast, the RJWF hosts conversations about:
  • The connections between the ​’Maker movement’ and nursing, as well as the opportunity to create communities of making health​ through MakerNurse.
  • ​Stories of ​entrepreneurs who found alternative market places for material typically seen as waste, in order to improve the existing culture of health.
They also introduce their new RWJF project: Visualising health in order to share info about health risk in an accessible and effective way.
Check it out at: