Join Us! April 9 Tweetchat #PillBottle hacks

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On April 9, we’re having a #pillbottle Tweet Chat from 8-9pm Eastern Time.

Little Devices is teaming up with hosts Smart Patients to have a conversation about how patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers can remake the humble Pill Bottle.


 We fill more than 3.7 billion prescriptions a year. Most of those arrive in the standard issue amber colored WWII design—upgraded in the 70s with safety caps. For the pros, there’s these marvels of injection molded engineering.


In the creative space between those amber bottles and some robot bottlesthere are hundreds of pill bottle hacks happening everyday. We sort. We split. We color code. We count. We carry medication in more ways you can imagine. We remind. We flavor. We even hipsterize.  Or we simply make them more part of our everyday existence and not some clinical appendage. In the end, we make that #pillbottle our own.  It’s a collection of conversations and stories that tell us how we become empowered as patients, as providers, and caregivers beginning with a simple object. 

Smart Patients and the MakerNurse Project at MIT’s Little Devices lab have teamed up to host a series of these conversations. Smart Patients is an online community where patients and caregivers affected by complex illness learn from each other about treatments, challenges, and how it all fits into the context of their experience. The MakerNurse Project is a national movement led by Little Devices lab to showcase the ingenuity of nurses as they fabricate solutions to challenges on the front lines of care. We call them MakerNurses and we’re building the next generation tools for them.

The Agenda: Chat, Remix, Make. Rinse and Repeat. 

We’re going to kick the conversation off at 8pm EST on Wednesday, April 9th at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific) and we’d love you to bring your ideas, anecdotes, sketches, and pictures of #pillbottle hacks. To participate,  just follow the  Twitter hashtag #pillbottle during this time. We’ll guide the conversation and invite you to share your ideas. We have a No-Hack-Left-Behind Policy so contribute everything you think qualifies as a #pillbottle idea! This will be a great time to share your experiences, remix those with others, and have a great group of creative people in healthcare think about your approach. 

Have Lab. Will Make. 

The Little Devices lab has more prototyping tools and energized students for making health than most Tweet Chats (maybe our friends at #MakerFaire have more, but that’s ok). We’ll take your sketches, your ideas, your pipe-cleaner prototypes and throw some quick CAD, Design for Hack tools, construction sets, and blend them in one of the 12 3-D printers available to bring the #pillbottle ideas to life.



Rinse and Repeat. 

Continue the conversation. 

We’ll bring those prototypes and throw them back into follow-up conversations that will start about a week after this Tweet Chat. If you thought post it notes were colorful action packed brainstorms, wait till you see the colors coming out of RGB LEDs, multicolor 3-D prints, and reconstructed consumer devices reinvented as your #pillbottle. We’ll continue the conversation using the Smart Patients conversation platform where we’ll have curated ideas from the Tweet Chat and discussions about the resulting prototypes we build.

Before we can begin, we have to begin with you. So empty those purses, raid those medicine cabinets, talk to your school nurse, and let’s have a great conversation on April 9th about what we’re doing to hack health starting with the #pillbottle.