DIY MEDIKit Nebulizer


Hi! I’m Anna Young @annakyoung and I design DIY medical prototyping kits at Little Devices @ MIT. This is our DIY Medtech Week and one of our most popular devices is the foot pump nebulizer kit. Nebulizers are devices that can spray medication into extremely small particles which are then inhaled. Asthma patients around the world use them everyday. In extreme conditions, the MEDIKit Nebulizer described below will allow someone to get inhalable respiratory therapy without electricity, using off the shelf parts, and for about $10. Enjoy!



Here’s all the materials you will need to make your nebulizer:

  • Bike pump (these foot pumps have good parts to connect the tubing, but a hand pump will also work. You’ll just need to modify the tubing connect to ensure a tight fit.)
  • Nebulizer cup, tubing and mask kit
  • VWR inline air filter
  • Optional, zip tie

MEDIKit Nebulizer

Attach the yellow tubing to the connection at the bottom of the nebulizer cup. IMG_1656

Cup and Tubing

Connect the black side of the inline filter to the black tip of the tubing. IMG_1657

Connect the gray side of the inline filter to the gray side of the tubing.



The other end of the gray tubing has white color-code. Attach this to the white color-coded end of the foot-pump tubing. IMG_1660You can reinforce this connection with a zip-tie fastened to the bike pump side.


Add the patient mask to the top of the cup at the red connection. Now, you are ready to nebulize! You will operate the nebulizer at 25-35 stokes per minute to achieve the optimal rate.

Mask and Nebulizer

The nebulizer cup above is approved by the FDA as a safe and accurate medical device. We have uploaded an experimental nebulizer cup on Thingiverse. **NOTE** The nebulizer.stl file on thingiverse should not be considered a medical device and should just be used in prototyping exercises.
3D Printed Nebulizer

Other Nebulizer modifications: Our friend, Alicia, RN,  in Nicaragua made her own nebulizer masks using the end of the plastic bottle and melted tubing to cover the sharp edges. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 7.20.01 PM

7 responses to “DIY MEDIKit Nebulizer

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  3. Is that syringe filter/ inline filter is also acting as a non return valve? I have nebulized my kid once following your instructions in an emergency. I observed a little back flow. It would be nice if you suggest another homemade solution for that filter as well. Thanks for your awesome instruction.

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