[Fellowship Opportunity] Spend the summer doing cancer care technology innovation

Our colleagues at Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care in Boston University, spearheaded by global health super scientist Catherine Klapperich have some news for the summer:

Summer Translational Research Fellowship Announcement Application Due 4/1/13.

Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care (CFTCC) at Boston University (www.bu.edu/ftcc): Member of the NIH POCTRN Network

We are requesting applications for a Summer Translational Research Fellowship. One fellowship will be awarded this year. The period of the fellowship is negotiable, but should be completed between May and September 2013.

The Center: Technologies to enable cancer treatments in local clinics or as home care could significantly lower healthcare costs. Examples include but are not limited to targeted ultrasound and light-based treatments, tools for monitoring chemotherapy patients at home between treatments, novel drug delivery methods, diagnostics and mobile health strategies.

Purpose of the Fellowship: The fellowship is meant to support the development of a new technology in the area of point-of-care technologies for the treatment, screening, diagnosis or monitoring of cancer.  The fellowship will allow the Fellow to spend protected time on activities that are aimed at technology development and directed professional development (training) that will support applications for follow on funding.  Fellows are encouraged to propose multidisciplinary work during in the fellowship period.  Strong proposals will integrate clinical needs assessment with technological and engineering aspects, and will specifically focus on the challenges of devices meant for use at the point-of-care.   Fellows will be encouraged to apply for follow on funding through the CFTCC and other agencies and foundations or, if appropriate, to seek private funding.

Elligibility: Applicants must hold an M.D. or a Ph.D. in a relevant field. Post doctoral researchers are eligible only if their current funding mechanism allows them to accept additional funding.

Amount and Use of Funds: Funds up to $25,000 are available.  Funds can be used for salary support, prototype development, proof of concept experiments and/or field testing.  Fellows may use some of the funds to travel to Boston for meetings and work at the Center.  The CFTCC will offer assistance to the Fellow in the form of prototyping and early clinical assessment of the new technology, including advice regarding intellectual property and regulatory issues.

Timeline for this RFA:

Application Due Date: 1 April 2013

Notification: 1 May 2013

Fellowship Period (flexible): 15 May 2013- 15 August 2013.

Application Instructions:

Please use Arial 11 font, and 0.5 inch margins on all sides.  Preliminary data is allowed and encouraged. The application package should be no more than nine (9) pages total. Applications that do not meet the formatting instructions will not be read.

1. Cover Sheet The cover page with the requested signatures must be included (1 page).

2. Curriculum Vitae: The application should include a current NIH Biosketch (page limit 4 pages).

3. Description of the Technology: The applicant should describe the technology in no more than two (2) pages, including figures and references. A description of the proposed activity during the fellowship should be included. Metrics for success should be listed and discussed.  These may be listed in terms of milestones. Plans for follow on funding beyond the fellowship period should be addressed.

4. Description of CFTCC Involvement: The applicant should describe in no more than one (1) page how the proposed technology matches the mission of the Center and how the Center resources will contribute to the eventual translation of the technology.

5. Budget: A one (1) page budget describing how the fellowship money will be spent should be included. List all salaries, supplies, travel, etc.

Please submit the completed application as ONE PDF to hfawcett@bu.edu by 5 pm EDT 4/1/13.

This information is also listed at www.bu.edu/ftcc/funding-opportunities

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