Little Links

The good folks at Make Magazine are gearing up for Maker Faire and it doesn’t surprise us that they are polishing their own geek cred. How about office staples as jumper wires for breadboard prototyping?

More at Make

Travelling to Texas and other states in the South? Pack some neglected disease diagnostics along with that sunscreen. The New York Times reports of outbreaks in a series of neglected diseases such as dengue, cysticercosis, murine typhus and others. Neglected diseases are global diseases, and the Texas example shows how much remains to be done. Check out more at

A new generation of robots is shifting the nature of work. And they’re getting more and more accessible. More at NYTimes

Our team travelled to Nicaragua over the last 10 days and Annie Labine’s blog covered the Aspiramolde project. More pictures on Flickr

The Institute of Medicine invited us to participate in the IOM Workshop on Developing and Strengthening the Global Supply Chain for Second-Line Drugs for Multidrug-Resistant See the full program

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