Solarclave Intern Opening: Summer 2012

Solarclave: Medical instrument sterilization for extreme environments

We design novel, low-cost solar concentrators for use in extreme rural
environments in developing countries. We couple these with inventive
designs for surgical instrument sterilization for rural clinics, the
first line of healthcare for over 3 billion people around the world.
The Solarclave is a solar-powered autoclave engineered to provide
medical sterilization in extreme environments. Solarclave is aimed at
resolving the problem of frequent post-surgical infection in rural
regions of developing nations.

You will be part of a high level interdisciplinary team from Little
Devices at MIT, Boston University Medical School and CIES School of
Public Health in Nicaragua in the design and testing of the efficiency
of the solar concentrator as a sterilization system. You will help in
exploring key design factors such as, local manufacturability,
modularity to ensure the user is able to adapt the system and sensors
to indicate the temperature is maintained.

The Solarclave technology has received several awards and grants to
develop our device and implement it in the third world including
recognition from the World Health Organizations Most Innovative Health
Technology program and the MIT IDEAS and 100K competitions.

Intern description: The intern will be involved in the design
improvement, fabrication and testing of the devices, he/she will learn
to design and prototype using a variety of workshop tools and
prototyping techniques. The student will be working on a small team
and will have the opportunity to become a significant contributor to
the project.

Major and re-requisites: All majors are acceptable, but experience in
engineering is a plus. Good teamwork skills desired. Experience with
CAD / prototyping is helpful, but not required. Looking for students
who are interested in becoming an integral proponent of the Solarclave
project through out the summer and beyond.

Contact: Anna Young (

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