Design for Hack in Medicine featured on Make

Make Magazine’s Ultimate Kit Guide featured our MEDIKit platform in an article we wrote called “‘Design for Hack’ in Medicine”. What does this mean? Imagine a design philosophy that embraces transparent designs and leverages points in a device to guide how it gets modified by users. That’s the essence of our Design for Degrees of Freedom practice at the Little Devices group. Make allowed us to expand on the model and show real world examples in action.

Places like Nicaragua have some of the poorest areas on the continent. But what about Nebraska? What about healthcare at home? For years, health technology has been shielded from tinkering and DIY invention because of the perceived barriers to entry: you’re not a doctor, you’re not a biomedical engineer, you require professional supervision. Health equipment has to be safe and rigorously tested, first and foremost.

Medical invention kits have the potential to lower many of these barriers and put health hacking back into the hands of users and of patients — the people who have the most to gain from affordable and elegant innovations. As the developing world gets a head start on DIY medical technologies, we’ll see many of those user-generated inventions make their way back to richer countries.

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One response to “Design for Hack in Medicine featured on Make

  1. Cyclone Pedal-powered centrifuge for developing world laboratories

    that is a good ideal not only can you hack a few toys for cheep medical devices. you can hack a wrecked cars to get medical devices. the blower motor from a heator works off of 12 v dc. it can be made in to a centrifuge.

    the front brake rotors can be used to make windmills to charge 12v batterys. if your close to a river building a water wheel to turn the altnator is good too. any small toy can be used to build them all you need is a few diodes and a way to turn a dc motor to make power.

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