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Undergraduate Research Opportunities at MIT

Department: Institute for Medical Engineering & Science
Faculty Supervisor: Jose Gomez-Marquez



**Walk in Interviews being held today Thursday 12-9pm April 16, 2015, Building N52, 373G, 617.674.7516**

The Little Devices team of researchers turns toys into medical devices for international and domestic healthcare systems using design strategies such as affordability, modularity and DIY. Our lab aims to design technology that is robust and economical, yet intelligent using advanced sensors and smart materials. Projects from the group have been launched in Germany, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and New Zealand. The work has been featured by the New York Times, Wired, CNN, and TED.

UROP positions for Summer 2015 are listed below. All positions have the option for pay or credit. There is a 2-day fabrication and design orientation to be scheduled upon hire. You will be joining a fast paced, interdisciplinary group who focuses on hands-on ideation and prototyping.

1. Tinkering with Chemistry

Work at the intersection of materials science and chemical engineering on next generation therapy technologies. Build upon our work in MIT’s multiplexed ebola diagnostics, portable sensing, and environmental testing using microfluidics.

Prerequisites: Strong understanding of organic chemistry and biochemistry. You will learn any fabrication skills required for the projects.

2. Programming Biosensors (Course 2, 6, 20, 4)
Design and test a suite of biosensors for physiological and biological parameters. Successful designs will plug and play with the rest of our prototyping platform and will be easily embeddable into unconventional diagnostic systems.

Prerequisites: Experience with designing, prototyping (such as Arduinos) testing and debugging electronic circuits (e.g. embedded systems combining analog circuitry, digital circuitry, microcontrollers and wireless communications). Experience with wireless sensors or protocols helpful (e.g. Bluetooth, ZigBee)
3. Digital Fabrication and Design (Mechanical, Course 2, Course 10, Course 20, etc)

Invent new ways of reusing over the counter electronics to make medical devices using digital fabrication tools. Create modular components for users to remix and customize these medical devices.

Prerequisites: Experience with Solidworks or other 3D modeling software, fabrication experience (machine tools, waterjet, laser-cutter).

It will be a fast paced summer. International travel to South America is optional. We made tools for everyone to make their own medical device. We look forward to hearing you today.

Contact: Please send your CV and statement of interest to

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