Recent Publications

Chun-Wan Yen, Helena de Puig, Justina O. Tam, José Gómez-Márquez, Irene Bosch, Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli and Lee Gehrke Multicolored silver nanoparticles for multiplexed disease diagnostics: distinguishing dengue, yellow fever, and Ebola viruses. Lab on Chip. February 2015

Gomez-Marquez, J. Design for Hack in Medicine: MacGyver nurses and Legos are helping us make MEDIKits for better health care. Make Magazine Ultimate Kit Guide. December 2011

Caldwell, A.  Young, A.  Gomez-Marquez, J.  Olson, K.R. Leaping Over the Gap: Global Health Technology 2.0, IEEE Spectrum, July 2011

Gomez-Marquez, J.  Encouraging Inventiveness, Boston Review, March 2011

DIY and the Maker Effect in International Development, White House Office of Science & Technology, Institute for Defense Analysis, Occasional Paper Series [forthcoming]

Dennis Rogers and Jose Gomez-Marquez, Inventing the Tricorder, Scientific American, December 2011 (forthcoming)